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Smart homeowners in Sydney know to call Galaxy Roof Restorations when they’re looking to have their roof restored or repaired.

Galaxy has been providing these services for over 20 years and we consistently exceed our customer’s expectations when it comes to quality work paired with transparent quotes and unbeatable prices.

When you get your roof restored with us you will be dealing directly with John who is the owner of the business.

This means there is no pushy sales staff using high-pressure sales tricks, every quote provided by Galaxy Roof Restoration will have extremely competitive pricing as well as all of the details provided in plain and simple, easy to understand terms that will help you make the right decision with your roof restoration.

John will have photographic evidence of any damage that needs to be repaired as well as a wealth of roofing knowledge to answer any and all questions you may have about the roof restoration process.

We use only the highest quality materials that have been specially formulated to withstand the unique climate that Sydney goes through every year.

This means that you will not have to worry about your roof peeling or fading prematurely like it would if it were coated with poor quality materials.

Galaxy Roof Restorations Supports The Local Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a tough one to answer because it all depends on the size of the roof. Your average roof will have about three days of work. This ensures there is enough time to clean the roof, make the repairs and replace the broken tiles. Some roofs require more repairs to be made and this will of course add some time to the restoration.

We get asked this question almost every week. You may have noticed signs being put up around your area offering cheap prices.

These always mention roof painting or roof respray and they are NOT roof restorations.

A full restoration includes all the repairs needed on the roof. The cheaper offerings don’t include this and it’s hard to tell the difference from ground level looking up. 

Of course! NEVER allow someone onto your roof that is not licensed or insured. Always ask the question when you’re considering companies to carry out the restoration you do not want to be another person on A Current Affair that has been taken for a ride by some cowboys pretending to be tradesmen.

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