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Our roofing services are of the highest quality, and our experienced & expert team take great pride in providing friendly, professional and punctual customer service! Other roof restoration companies are set up as big companies that outsource all of their work to various tradesmen, some have decent experience and some might just be starting out, Galaxy is different, and the person you call to inquire about a quote will be the person carrying out the Roof Restoration itself.

Galaxy Roof Restorations has had over 19 years of solid experience, providing home owners in Sydney a premium quality service using only the best of the best products manufactured specifically in Australia to combat the unique and harsh Australian climate.

Roof Restoration is a complex process that is a cheaper option to a full re-roof of your home. It can save you thousands when compared to a re-roof as well as adding great value to your home improving your curb side appeal instantly (well in a couple of days depending on the size of your house!).

A Roof Restoration by Galaxy Roof Restorations has a number of stages, this is what separates Galaxy from the cheaper mobs you see littering the street posts with "$1450 Roof Restoration" signs when they do not really offer roof restorations, simply roof resprays!

The steps taken out by Galaxy Roof Restoration are the same for every roof, however not every roof is the same, because of this Galaxy may need to check different things out, however the core elements to your roof restoration are as follows.

  • Inspection
  • Repair and or replace all broken tiles and Valley Irons
  • High Pressure Clean
  • Rebedding of Ridge Caps
  • Repoint using Flexi-point
  • Primer and Sealer Applied to Roof
  • 2 coats of 100% Acrylic membrane

Galaxy Roof has over 19 years experience in Australia. Our team are specialists at painting and coating all types of roofs to make them picture perfect again.

Galaxy Roof Coatings are amazing, primarily because their formula has been continuously perfected over 19 years, resulting in a roof coating designed to be easy to use and apply, spray smoothly and evenly and lie equally well on metal or tiled roofs.

Galaxy Roof only use the highest quality paints and coatings to restore your roof to perfect condition. That is why we are able to offer a guarantee backed by an Australian company with 19 year history.