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You may be expecting an "About us" page but we'd rather show you how much we can do for you!

Other roof restoration companies are set up as big companies that outsource all of their work to various tradesmen, some have decent experience and some might just be starting out, Galaxy is different, and the person you call to inquire about a quote will be the person carrying out the Roof Restoration itself.

Galaxy Roof Restorations has had over 19 years of solid experience, providing home owners in Sydney a premium quality service using only the best of the best products manufactured specifically in Australia to combat the unique and harsh Australian climate.

We understand the importance of having your questions answered with expertise, if you went to a law firm would you accept legal advice from a secretary? We hope not! Why should you accept a quote by a salesman often unskilled in roof restoration, many bigger companies do exactly this, they send out a sales man who might not even get on your roof, how can you possibly provide an accurate quote without checking out the damage, Galaxy often will provide pictures of damage.